Detect and Deter Bot Attacks

"The new front line is digital."

The Digital Front uses AI and machine learning to detect and deter the spread of propaganda
using best practices identified in research including inoculation and virtue signlaing.



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The Free Market and Money in Politics created this problem...but it's also the solution.

Why Rent a Bot?

Russia attacked the US during the 2016 election using bots and fake accounts to spread misinformation. The rati of fake to real information was as much as 30:1. We need to use cutting edge technology including AI and machine learning to help us identify when attacks are happening and how to respond to reduce the spread of propaganda.

How do your bots fight propaganda?

Research has proven that inoculation and virtue-signaling are successful tactics that reduce the likelhiood that people will believe or share misinformation.

Why Can't the Government Do This?

France has a legal system and laws ont he books that prevented President Macron of being effected by attempts similar to those the harmed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. However, the legal system in the US including money in politics, supermacy of technology companies and liberally construed free speech laws that sometimes include hyperbole and hate speech prevent the government from taking decisive action.

How do you use AI/Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to autonmous systems that make decisions. Machine learning is about prediction and pattern recognition. Our algorithm identifies trending topics on Twitter that are divisive or political biased and then deploys bots in our network to reply to users with research proven messages including inoculation and virtue-signaling.

I don't know how to program. Can I still use this service?

Yes, we create and operate the bot for you.

I don't want to rent a bot. How can I still support the cause?

Please donate!

I am not on Twitter. Can I still rent a bot?




Russia attacked the US during the 2016 election using bots and fake accounts to spread misinformation. The attacks have not stopped since. The war is global and the frontline is digital.



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